Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Exciting Weekend

Originally, I had planned to initiate a coverage on The Hour Glass this weekend, but I have chosen to postpone the report much later. Why? Because I have discovered an excellent stock while screening for a target since my divestment of UOB Kay-Hian. I compiled a list based on ROE as well as their ROA figures. It was definitely not easy given that it was until I reached "S" that I managed to found it. Yes, this is the hint, it starts with a "S". Given that this is a far excellent business as compared to The Hour Glass, I have decided to devote my whole Sat and Sun into it. Hopefully, by next weekend I will be able to do a write-up on it. It's moat and business model impresses me a lot and this might be the most expensive stock that I have ever purchased based on P/E. And in fact, it was a wonderful turnaround in 2010. Not the classic turnaround from red to green but from an above average business model to an excellent business model.

That's all for now, I shall continue to devote most of my time into researching it over the next few days.


  1. SembCorp Ind isit?

  2. 2 vote for silverlake

  3. Spot-on, it's definitely one of these four. All I can say is its moat will only be recognised on a thorough research of the industry and its market. Else one will thought that it is a very competitive industry with low barrier of entry.

    No point guessing much now, I should be able to do a write-up this Saturday having just concluded my research.