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Silverlake Axis - Mr Goh Peng Ooi (Supplementary)

As stated, this is a supplementary to the current report on Silverlake Axis before the final post this weekend. Carefully listen to this interview as it will give you an understanding of its history as Axis System as well as Mr Goh Peng Ooi's love for Math and his business view. I have also attached a newspaper article for your reference.

For part 1, it is about Mr Goh's interest and early life as well as his decision on the listing of the company.
For part 2, try to understand the complex adaptive system that he has been emphasizing about. Basically, it is a system where numerous individuals interact to produce a collective behaviour or properties - in such a case, looking at individual is pretty useless as the collective properties cannot be attributable to any of the individual.For e.g. ant colony, stock market and even human body.

Perseverance pays off.
New Straits Times
| March 13, 2006
Byline: Foo Eu Jin
GOH Peng Ooi, executive chairman of Silverlake System Sdn Bhd, is driven by passion and commitment. There's no doubt about it.

During his student days, he was passionate and very much interested in science and mathematics. He excelled in his study and was offered the Mombusho scholarship to study nuclear physics in Japan. He graduated in 1980 from the prestigious University of Tokyo with a degree in electronics. Upon graduation, Goh started his career with IBM. Again, his commitment and passion made him a sterling performer at Big Blue, receiving recognition for his many outstanding accomplishments.

In June 1989, he decided to venture on his own to set up Silverlake, a software development company.
With an excellent advanced state-of-the-art banking solution offering and through persistence and determination, the new company quickly secured several local banking clients. Soon, it clinched contracts with large banks in Singapore and Indonesia.

Today, Silverlake provides banks in many countries with seamless customer-centric branch automation and Internet banking solutions that have the ability to deliver complete banking functionalities across all channels in real time.

The company also provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the requirements of Islamic banking.
Silverlake is undoubtedly one of the largest banking system developers and integration providers in Asean, serving customers spanning from Southeast Asia to China, Europe and the United States.

On the rudiments of banking software technology, Goh explains that it involves three key layers comprising customer's lifestyle, product and sustenance.

The lifestyle layer covers areas such as automated teller machine, mobile phone banking, credit card and Internet banking. This is followed by the product layer, which involves financial products such as housing or car loans.
The third layer, which is the sustenance layer, covers various laws of governance. 

Goh attributes the "symmetry" software design model for Silverlake's success in developing home-grown banking software applications. "We specialise in symmetry when developing software applications, and our model is based on mathematics and focuses on ensuring the customers' sustenance requirements," he explains.

The company's banking software model - which focuses on the sustenance concept - is based on the six pairs of factors, which, among others, include debit/credit, risk/return, asset/liability and income/expense factors.
Goh notes that Silverlake's programmers are not required to focus on the lower levels of governance, but more importantly, to ensure that the customers' sustenance requirements are met.

"We convert software development into science and deliver solutions based on the six pairs of factors. Thus, software development becomes simple, and we can easily train our people," he says.

According to Goh, the sustenance concept in banking also applies to the development of software for other industries such as airlines. Silverlake's innovative applications, he says, have even caught the attention of foreign information and communications technology companies.

On what advice he would give budding entrepreneurs to succeed, Goh sums it up in one word - determination.

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